Why The Church Made The Holy Spirit A Male Persona, Rather Than Female

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The church decided a long time ago that the Holy Spirit is likely a male persona. They got this idea in a myriad of ways.


But some of the controversy surrounds Proverbs 1, whether "Wisdom" is Jesus or the Holy Spirit.

Most say Wisdom was Jesus, including Constantine.

But, in reality, I think a lot of it has to do with the anti-women and anti-sex stance of the church, which would not allow a Woman Persona in the Godhead.

The anti-women came from the idea that sex was a sin in general and that women are in a sense the temptress.

A good quote that sort of shows the mindset of some Christians influenced by Gnosticism is Jerome's famous quote:

"Women are the root of all evil".

And by this he meant Eve was the temptress in the Garden of Eden.

And since women are part of the process of birth and creation through babies, they are seen as "earthly" and "sensual".

These ideas came originally from the Gnostic idea that sex propagated the sinful nature and that women having babies is basically spreading sin (because the Demurge or evil god, created the physical world and trapped our spirit light in these evil physical bodies).

This is why men and women are encouraged not to have sex and to become celibate priests and nuns.

Because, one can not be holy and have sex.

This is also why the Virgin Mary has to be a virgin even after Jesus' birth. Because you can not be holy and have sex.


This at least is what they teach and it is directly from Gnosticism (the physical is evil, therefore sex is evil).

St Augustine even taught that sex with your wife was a sin!

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